Divine Compromises

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The woman from my dreams came again tonight, but this was different than before. When I caught up to her, she presented me with a piece of gold that was shaped oddly. I was then in a dungeon-like setting, with a wizard in front of me being attacked. I realized this was not a dream anymore. I decided to help him, seeing no ways in or out of this place. Found his name to be Elos upon asking, then the horrors that were attacking him were upon me as well. Skeletons by sight, obviously animated by some magics. They kept coming through a portal in the wall, which Elos said we must close. Three others were in the room with me besides Elos. A goliath, a drow, and another form whom I could not see clearly. With no other alternative I helped these people close the portal, all of us coming close to death in the process. Now we must find a way out of this place, lest we rot here forever.

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

The man who wrote the above is gone, and has left his journal here. The last entry was hastily scribbled… something about a 20 Kobold ambush and running away while he still could. Obviously the odds weren’t in his favor. Or the evens. Or any numbers really. Unfortunate. Numbers are always important to have in your favor. Oh well. I will be continuing his journal as something to distract myself. My name is Arenji, a “wild” sorcerer as they call me. Although I don’t see myself as wild. Controlled chaos, maybe. Lucky, even. But not wild. I will search for the others he mentioned in previous entries, and see what has become of them. Maybe they can be of use to me and vice versa.

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

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