The ancient red dragon Ashardalon, when struck a mortal blow by a human druid, replaced his wounded heart with a living demon: a balor of enormous power named Ammet, the Eater of Souls. Inspired by this example, disciples of Ashardalon bind fiendish spirits to their own hearts, eventually taking on the characteristics of demonic spawn themselves.

Ashardalon, general to Tiamat, attempted to free Tiamat from the pit of five sorrows but was defeated four thousand years ago in the great war of The Mountain of Sorrows and retreated beyond the spheres. He left the below reed to his faithful.

I beheld a map of Mythgar, a great stain of blood spreading wide, covering the whole of the land.

  • Steeds thundering ‘cross the land,
  • Reaving swords slashing down,
  • Hacking off legs and arms, and heads
  • Gutting the innocent, spilling their
  • Intestines out on the ground.
  • Day sky dark as night with
  • The smoke of burning cities.
  • Forest hewn. Fields salted.
  • Rivers running red with blood.
  • Crows and vultures by the thousands
  • Feeding upon the slain multitudes
  • Slashing beaks plucking out eyes, rending flesh,
  • Gulping down gobbets of rotting meat.
  • Great dark winged shapes wheeling in the sky,
  • Flame roaring from their throats

Then I saw a great Coutal coming down from heaven, having the Key of the Progenators which is to the Pit of Five Sorrows and a great chain in his hand. He laid hold of the dragon, that serpent of old, who is Tiamat, and determined to bound her four ages; and the Coutal cast her into the bottomless pit, and shut her up, and set a seal on her, so that she should deceive the nations no more till all the ages were finished. But after these things she must be released for a little while unless the key be reunited.


Divine Compromises Rayg