Mountains of Sorrows

The story of the Mountains of Sorrows begins alomst five thousand years ago, when Ashardalon set his sights on the millions of souls of Mythgar. As he gathered his maggot folk hordes and depraved mortals to his layer of the Abyss, he began plotting for his master’s release.

Ashardalon quickly reached an impasse. The energy required to sustain a gate to Mythgar large enough to march an army through was incalculable. Even if he could accumulate enough power to create such a gate, the forces of good could quickly thwart his invasion by attacking the gate.

Ashardalon conceived a fiendish plan. He cast off his despondency and started a series of eldritch trials, using his rival’s minions as experiments.

After decades of research, Ashardalon’s efforts bore fruit. If his cults could provide enough energy in the form of souls who were honored and then sacrificed, Ashardalon could actually transpose part of the Abyss and Mythgar. Several square miles of the Mountains of Sorrows could become part of Mythgar. The corresponding territory on Mythgar would be part of the Abyss forever.

Mortal cults responding to whispered promises of dark power, began gathering in a remote mountain valley. Demons were coming to Mythgar and they were coming to stay.

But the forces of good were not as oblivious as Ashardalon had imagined. The blind dwarf sage Thermeskor had a vision of a mountain weeping blood. Elf mystics found their meditations interrupted by simlar scenes. Humans native to one particular mountain valley began erecting black obelisks at the direction of their priests, often with the aid of dwarves and elves.

When Ashardalon transposed his army upon Mythgar, he found an army of elves, dwarves, humans and angels waiting eargerly to cast his invading force back to the Abyss. At first the prospect of battle delights the dragon of old, and he ordered his armies forward into battle. It is said that the very sky shook that day, and the Marrilach River ran dark with mortal blood, celestial essence, and demonic ichor.

As the sun set on the first day of battle, Ashardalon noticed a faint pull on the eldritch weavings responsible for the transposition. The black obelisks were siphoning away the power of the dragon’s magic, threatening to throw his entire fortress back to the Abyss. Ashardalon ordered his soldiers to destroy the obelisks quickly, lest his invasion end in disaster.

But the maggot folk were mad with blood lust and the chaotic warrirors scorned his orders. As the obelisks siphoned more of it power away, the Mountains of Sorrows began to break apart. At first, it crumbled around the edges, but as the forces of good redoubled their efforts, the entire mountain began to quake as if about to erupt. Before sunrise, in an upheaval loud enough to be heard across a continent, the mountains exploded. The majority of its wreckage hurtled across the void between the planes to its proper place in the Abyss.

The obelisks did their job, but the destruction of the Mountain of Sorrows wasn’t total, nor was its return to the Abyss complete. A few chunks of the Mountains of Sorrows retained enough of the transposition magic to embed themselves in the Material Plan of Mythgar permanently. There they remain, waiting…

Mountains of Sorrows

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