Humans dominate the known world of Mythgar. Elves, dwarves and gnomes remain their most trusted allies. Goblin kind lurk in the darker parts of the world, orcs have become a slave race and ogres, trolls, and giants are races on the verge of extinction.

Mythgar is a young world, steeped in magic crossed by lay lines and nexus points of power. Many from the outer planes have their eyes on Mythgar as if possession of Mythgar would tip the balance in some larger skeem of things.

Drought, famine, plaque and war have haunted Mythgar for the last decade or so and many of the grand kingdoms have collapsed. Only small pockets of civilization exist now except for the Timiro Kingdom of the High King. It is here that the future of all of Mythgar and maybe beyond will be decided.

World Overview

The Empires: The Kingdom of Bizantium (Dominion of Man) – where the Black Death is believed to have started and then through the vast sea trade spread to all parts of the known world. Kingdom believed to be in chaos.

The Western Empire (Dominion of Man) – believed to be in a major civil war.

The Eastern Territory (Dominion of Man) – engaged in a life or death struggle with the united Gnoll tribes from the Great Northern Wilderness.

Phi & Lopan – both are island kingdoms which have shut out the rest of the world. All outsiders are unwelcomed.

Land of the South Winds – the established ruling family has been overthrown and a jungle snake religion has captured the minds of the remaining living.

Thw wildlands: The Great Northern Wilderness – an immense, lightly populated region of forest and snow. The northern half is covered in dense, seemingly endless coniferous forest.

The Northern Nountains – These great mountains cut the “land of the damned” away from the Great Northern Wilderness, running coast to coust. Legends say that the gods created the mountains to protect the world from the evil that abounds on the other side.

Ophids’s Grasslands – This is a great flat tundra, largely uninhabited. In the northest, there esists the Devil’s Mark which is believed to be a dimensional nexus to the Abyss.

The Land of the Damned – Little is known about this mysterious region in the North. It is protected from explorers by massive mountain ranges along its eastern borders and the sea serpent-filled waters along its coast.

The Isle of the Cyclops – This island is populated and ruled by these one-eyed giants. It is a haven for all giants and many of the monster races.

Old Kingdom Mountains – These ancient mountains hold the last vestiges of the great kobold kingdoms. The kobold people suffered greatly from the War of the Four. These mountains were once completely dominated by dwarves, whose fabulous subterranean kingdoms honeycombed their entire length. It was within the hollow bowels of these mountains that the dwarves forged the fabled rune weapons. However the epic battles of the War of the Four laid waste to the entire dwarven civilization.

The Old Kingdom – Despite the ancient ruins, drawings and countless stories about the Age of the Elf and Dwarf can truly picture what these ancient cultures were really like. Today the Old Kingdom is little more than a desolate wasteland populated by the monster races. Only the occasional elven stronghold towers above the scrub plains and light forest. Their golden towers and great walls stand as impressive testament to a bygone era.

Mount Nimro – known as the land of the giants. Mounts Nimro and Nimrod are active volcanic mountains and populated by six known clans of giants. The terrain is harsh, hot, humid, and rocky, with thin jungles to the south, tall grasslands and scrub around the two volcanos and mountains to the west.

The Baalgor Wastelands – This is a vast terrain of rocky lowlands, parched earth, and deserts. Legends abound concerning what created these wastelands.

The Yin-Sloth Jungles – cover much of the southern hemisphere and remain almost entirely unexplored. It is a place of archaic religions, ancient gods, and monstrosities of all sorts. It is a primeval land steeped in mystery and superstition that is avoided by humans and most others to the north. Dragon’s Gate the fabled city of gold is said to be awaiting its rediscovery.

The Floenry Isle – are a chain of islands populated by barbaric human and non-human races, southeast of the jungles. An air of mystery exists concerning them and it is rumored that the last of the elven lords took refuge on them. Some believe a civilization of warrior elves still exist on one of the islands.


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